Kakamega Kenya

This was one city that really opened up my eyes to poverty in Africa. I still remember my first trip there in 2010. It literally shook me up and made me realize how different our life in North America is compared to Kenya. There is extreme poverty everywhere. Thousands of people walk around seemingly lost. Bicycles motorized and pedal dominate the roadways. Broken down buildings and steel fabricated sheds litter the landscape. Mud huts are everywhere. Markets full of vendors sell their goods, mostly hand me downs from North America. There are a couple of malls in the city with quality stores for people to shop in. Security is evident in these locations.

In spite of all the people I felt very safe walking the streets in Kakamega. On my recent trip in 2013 I had the opportunity to go for a walk with a team member before supper on a number of occasions  Everyone stared at us but all had a smile for us. Many put their hands out to greet us.  I felt right at home with these people. I so wanted to meet them all and share life with them. Through the grace of God I was able to spend over 10 days in their city. What a privilege that was. Shop their stores, eat their food , walk the streets with them and above all meet them. The pictures in this gallery were shot with a Sony Cyber shot 10.1 Mega Pixel camera. Every picture tells a thousand words. Enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed being there.

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