Black and White Photos

Although most of my black and white pictures are on my other website I decided that I would put a sample of my favorite black and white photos on this website. As a result this page will feature pictures of when I started to take photos with a Canon AL-1 Quick focus camera, in early 2013.

I must confess. I truly love black and white photos. My preference of taking black and white photos over color is simple. I believe that black and white photos truly describes the moment.  It tells the truth if you understand what I mean. I find color masks the picture at  times. I love the way black and white portraits the outdoors. I love pictures of snow falling, rivers, mountains in black and white. It seems that black and white film truly captures the openness of being outside.

The collection I included in this gallery are my favorites so far in this new hobby that I have immersed myself in. There are pictures from my recent trip to Africa, Lake Louise in the Rockies, the Vedder River and the magnificent Fraser Valley where I live. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.


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