Take a walk with me

It,s early fall in the Fraser  Valley and slowly but surely the colours are changing. Myself and Sheila went for a walk today to the Chilliwack River to see the colour changes for ourselves. We walked the Rotary Trail that borders the Chilliwack/Vedder  River.  If you have never went for a walk on this trail you are missing out on one of the most beautiful trails you can ever walk . Every curve on the trail offers a different look and view. I love the fall colours on the trail itself. As illustrated below they leaves are beginning to fall and the bright orange and yellow colours are not far away.

I must say though the highlight of this trail are the magnificent views of the river that one experiences on this walk. I have taken many photographs of this river in black and white http://tedsblackandwhitepictures.wordpress.com/2013/05/20/vedder-river/  and in colour. It seems every time I come here it looks different. Today was no different. Fishermen were everywhere on the river and spawning fish were swimming upstream trying to get to their spawning grounds.  As you can see from the pictures below some of the fish never made it upriver far enough to spawn. The river seemed quite low to me today. When I saw the dead fish it reminded me of a series of books I read years ago by Roderick Haig-Brown.  One book in particular called Return to the river reminded me of today as I saw these dead fish and the fisherman attempting to catch them on their way up river. From the few fisherman walking the trail with their catch, it looked like a successful day for them. All of these pictures were taken with a simple but awesome little Sony Cyber-shot camera.

The remaining pictures were shots that simply had to be taken as they left me in awe as I enjoyed a different view at every turn in the trail.

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