Wow what a summer we have had here in Chilliwack. The whole month of July came and went with no rain. Hot and sunny. Perfect for sunflowers to flourish and bloom at will. Depending on where you plant them would have dictated how big they grow. The more sun the better.  In my yard I started planting the flowers in pots . They grew healthy leaves at the beginning and flowered early but did not last. I was told just this week that the pots probably ran out of nutrients. This is why they did not last long. The pictures below show the results of the sunflowers life spam in pots. I think next year I will stay with planting in the ground.

The following pictures show the sunflowers that were planted in the ground in their early days to today.

Some of the biggest sunflowers from this summer were found at a community garden here in Sardis. This area had full sun exposure all day and it showed in the size of the flowers.

Last but not least were the sunflowers I spotted at a beautiful outdoor cafe in the Fraser Canyon, just minutes from Spence s Bridge.

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