What I do for ice cream

A couple of weeks ago on a sunny day myself and Sheila decided we would go for a ride along country roads around Chilliwack. At this time we decided we would find this dairy farm where we had previously stopped at for ice cream. Soon enough on our travels we found it off Whatcom road near Abbotsford.  The place is called Birchwood Dairy. They have a huge assortment of ice cream. I spotted Blueberry when I was there but decided on another flavor. So I decided this morning that I would take my bicycle and go there for a ride. I packed a sandwich with some fruit and water and off I went.

As you can see from the following gallery the scenery on this bike ride was amazing. I took many pictures of farms, wild flowers and old churches. On my way there I stopped at the Vedder canal and saw ducks swimming by in front of me. The ride took me trough 57 kilometers of awesome scenery in the Fraser Valley. It took me 6 hours to complete.  I must admit I was  tired when I got back home. Oh yes, the blueberry ice cream was amazing. Well worth the aches and pains of such a long bike ride.

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