Back Yard Garden Early July

In my last post regarding my garden I ended it with “Let the color begin”. Well, it has began in all parts of the garden. The clematis plants, the hostas plants and in particular one of the large red Hydrangeas is blooming with large red flowers. The Lace Cap Hydrangea has not bloomed yet but will soon. Include a beautiful white Shasta Daisy, complimented by beautiful red roses and we have a glorious show of summer color happening.

Did I mention that my gate keeper, a red rusted 50 year old bike has beautiful red petunias growing out of the basket attached to the bike. This is all complemented by a huge maple tree in the middle of the yard that has a green and white  devils claw dress circling the trunk of the tree.

Stay tuned for beautiful sunflowers that are growing all over the yard and flower pots. The sunflower is my favorite flower so stay tuned for awesome yellow flowers coming your way

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