Abandoned Old Cars And Trucks

How many times have you driven down the highway and seen abandoned vehicles in farmers fields?  Do you ever wonder how they got there? I see them everywhere and always wonder what the history is behind each vehicle. I know some property owners use them to decorate their fields. Some owners want to restore them some day.

At some time these vehicles were on our highways, driveways etc. They were new on a car lot at some time. These vehicles were someone,s pride and joy. Now they sit in someones yard abandoned and left to rust. I love it when I see a whole farmers field filled with them. Over the years in my travels through British Columbia I have stopped many times to take photographs of these cars and trucks. Most of these pictures were taken with a Blackberry phone and a small Sony digital phone. Enjoy and use your imagination when you look at these pictures. Also please check out http://pinterest.com/tedcyril/abanded-vehicles-on-farmers-fields/ , and http://neglectedcarsandoldtrucks.wordpress.com/ to see further pictures I have taken.

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